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ZERO B Sapphire

Zero B Sapphire is Wall - Mount RO with India’s only water purifier with HEPTAPURE TECHNOLOGY, that ensures the water you drink is safe from lead, pesticides, bacteria and other harmful toxins.

Zero B Sapphire comes with a multistage Pre-filter that has an easy cleaning arrangement along with a filter bag, high quality filtration media and an activated carbon filter (Stage 1,2&3) inlet water passes through the following purification process before giving you the natural tasting clear water.


Special Features
  • 7 stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purification process
  • Gives Energized water
    Energized water helps to...
         - Reduces excess acidity and bile in digestive system. 
         - Effective in Urinary and kidney disorders 
         - Works as an external aid for washing swollen & sore eyes, wounds, etc for quick healing. 
         - Beneficial for nervous disorders & treatment of blood pressure. 
         - Helpful in treatment of blood pressure, especially in treatment of low blood pressure.
  • Online water storage with tank capacity of 6000 ml that gives you 200 glass of pure, safe and energized water.
  • Consumes less space, wall mount, compact, elegant looks.
  • Gives more Aesthetic look to your kitchen
  • Detachable tank, hence easy to use & clean
  • Unique 3 stage Pre filter
  • Sliding tank lock
  • Automatic tank level control
  • Beautiful & glowing transparent tank with LED to indicate water level.
  • Low pressure/Low fouling membrane: Membrane subjected to low pressure and therefore less fouling of the membrane with salt rejection upto 90 - 95% and recovery of good water is 20 - 25% or better
  • Tank full indicator
  • Over - voltage & over current protection
  • Online water storage with tank capacity of 6 litres
  • Product water meets USEPA drinking water standards and IS 10500

Enquire for innovative and effective solution for high TDS water issues.

  • Power On : Green LED
  • RO On : Blue LED
  • Tank full : White LED
Purification Stages

Stage 1 - Pre-filtration
Inlet water passes through micron PP filter bag rated finer than 10 microns which removes impurities like sand, silt, hair and particles from water

Stage 2 - High - Q Filtration: 
Water undergoes a coarse filtration followed by fine filtration through special filter, which holds higher quality of fine particles from water

Stage 3 - Bacteriostatic Activated Carbon Cartridge
This highly filtered water then passes through a Bacteriostatic Activated Carbon filter (high grade silver impregnated carbon) which removes organic impurities, carcinogenals chemicals (such as VOC and THMs), chlorine, color and odor from water. It also prevents the growth of the bacteria on the carbon itself. This makes the water crisp to taste.

Stage 4 - Sediment Cartridge (5 micron)
The sediment cartridge in this filters out fine suspended impurities from water and hence offers  high clarity to water.

Stage 5 - Reverse Osmosis Membrane ESPA (Energy Saving Poly Amide)
This stage produces pure water which is free from microbial and chemical contamination ; it also reduces the Total Dissolved Salts (TDS). This makes water pure, safe and crystal clear.

Stage 6 - Resin Carbon Cartridge
RO purified water then passes through he resin carbon cartridge that acts as a double safe purifier, in the event of RO process failure.

Stage 7 - Post RO Purifier
This backup cartridge offers 100% germicidal protection. The purified water falls into a transparent water. Tank level sensor automatically cuts off the pump when the tank is full.


Dimension in mm

- 275 x 230 x 370
Weight in kg - 12



Zero B Sapphire: Rs. 15,990/-

  • Covered with 12 months warranty
  • Three Free Service During Warranty Period