Aquagard total Protected plus

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Product Overview

Aquaguard Total Protec Plus (RO + UV) comes with a six stage filtration process that ensures the water you drink is absolutely safe and pure. It not only eliminates bacteria and virus but also offers you complete protection from new age contaminants and dreaded heavy metals like lead, arsenic and mercury… It has an increased storage space of 10 also incorporates a UV purification system thus ensuring contamination free water at time of consumption. MRP Rs. 15,990/-

* Available only in select markets through our Franchised Network.

All Features
RO Purification
Reduces excess TDS from your water.
UV Purification System
It provides UV purification thus ensuring contamination - free water at the time of consumption.
Double Filtration
The Particulate filter & Clarity Cartridge ensure crystal clear water and protection for the membrane.
Removes Lead and Pesticides
Removes new age contaminants like Lead, Pesticides and heavy metals.
Post Taste Enhancer
Removes residual organic impurities and revives the original taste of water, while the carbon granules polish the water, giving it a sparkle and making it pure and great to taste.
Removable Tank Cover
If water is stored for a longer time there are high chances of it getting recontaminated. The Protec+ comes with a detachable cover and a cleaning solution so that you can clean the storage tank from the inside with ease. Thus ensuring that your family always drinks pure, safe water.
Technical Specification
Dimensions(W X D X H) in mm 265 X 395X 422
Net Weight 10.2 Kg
TDS Reduction 90% Approx
Input Voltage 230 V AC / 50 HZ
Input Water Pressure 0.6 - 2.0 Kg/
Total Dissolved Solids In Input Water 500 mg/ltr (min) - 2000 mg/ltr (max)
Total Hardness in Input water 600 Mg/ltr (max)
Total Iron in Input Water 0.3 mg/ltr (max)
Power Rating 40 watts
Note:- Technical Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
If the pressure is Higher than the maximum satisfied, use of the pressure reducing valve is recommended. This accessory is available with our company at an additional cost.