About Us

S.S Aqua Solutions Services is the leading Dealer & Distributor of Domestic & Commercial water treatment components and systems in Delhi/NCR. Bringing health care products to every home and organization is more than just a business it is a passion for us, better still it is the very purpose of our existence.

Our management style is participatory, practical, with emphasis on openness, informality and candid exchanges among management and staff. At  S.S. Aqua Solutions Services  ethics, integrity, honesty and fairness and service excellence are the buzz words. Our Business Policy - Ethical and Transparent 
Our business policy is based on sound ethics and transparency.

  • Ethical Selling is a huge yes for us and therefore We don't sell by providing wrong information, lying or making wrong commitments.
  • To ensure stress free transaction we provide a Sale document at the time of sale to our customers mentioning all our obligations and commitment in writing.
  • If at any point of time you come across something contradictory to our statements please call Mr Anil Kumar at  9811430658 - 9953810279 or write at info@ssaquasolution.in
Our Values
  • Creating a mutually beneficial environment for all the stakeholders, where all the transactions are based on the principle of “win win” for all.
  • Value Creation for all the Stake Holders
  • Good Life aims at creating long term value on a sustainable basis for all our stakeholders namely Customers, Employees, Suppliers, Government and Society.

Value Creation for Customer: (our actions are driven by the fact that we too are customer for RO product and services)

  • We offer real value for money by providing bundled offers in partnership with other companies.
  • Transparent transactions involving written documents (ie Service report, Customer Card etc) to safe guard the interest of our customers and to enhance mutual trust.
  • Unique Service System to provide a stress free Service( Refer to page no )
  • We do not bribe or offer kickbacks for business development to officials in the government/ or private organizations. Money thus saved is passed on to the customers through lower prices without compromising on product/services.
  • Value Creation for Employees ( Only A happy employee can keep a Customer Happy )
  • We are an equal employment opportunity organization.
  • We also employ people from disempowered and disenfranchised sections of the society. We empower our employees through in house training and education which enhances their capabilities and enables them to earn a above industry average salary.
  • We provide an enabling environment for better performance and efficiency.
  • Salaries/incentives/Bonus is performance based. We pay all the dues/ salaries and incentives before Salary date.
  • Involving the employees in goal setting and decision making process.
  • We undertake Continuous training and development activities for holistic development of the employees. Completely performance management and accountability of every action makes them self responsible and more aware in life.
  • Value creation for Vendors ( supplier is a Very important part of the whole Value Chain and happy and satisfied suppliers helps in getting the best product at best possible offer and price for our customers)
  • All negotiation happens by keeping a mutual gain in mind. We never negotiate by quoting the price of other suppliers or by cooking up a story to take some advantage.
  • All the payments are transferred before committed time.
  • Value Creation for Government: (it finally comes back to us in the form of wide roads, big flyovers, technology and food and education for unprivileged )
  • We strictly follow all the tax regulation applies on our business.
  • No bribes and kickbacks
  • We never manipulate the facts to save tax and bribe any government official for personal gains.
  • Value Creation for Society as a whole:(all the stakeholders are part of the society and giving smile, brings the smile back on our face)
  • We believe that the most important thing to learn in life is Right conduct. By practicing morality we send the ripples of trust, faith and happiness to all the stakeholders. And in return it creates more positive environment and happy people. There can not be a better contribution to society than nurturing the Value system